Random Thoughts

Six Of One, Half Dozen Of The Other

carpe-diemSome days it’s not whether or not you can but when exactly you can.  First of all, I hate Winter running….did you hear me?  I HATE WINTER RUNNING!  That’s right, in the last few years I am less likely to jump out of bed when it’s below 20 than I was maybe 2 or 3 years ago.  This morning it was 17 degrees outside when I rolled over, shut my alarm off and opened my weather app to see what the temp was.  It took a minute but there it was….the number 17 staring back at me just waiting for me to take the dare.  Yeah, I’ve been here before having the same push pull argument with myself to decide if I’m brave (or as some would say crazy or insane) or if I’m smart and figure out another time or place to get my planned run in.  I opted for the latter and decided that as unappealing as a cold lunch run sounded, it was better than layering up for 17.  So was trading 17 for 35 the lesser of two evils or the smart decision or are they both just dumb considering I have a gym membership and can run in the comfortable 72 degrees?  It depends on who you ask and what day it is I suppose. Me, I like bragging about running in challenging situations of which I would consider 35 a challenge.  You see, if I didn’t get my run in at lunchtime I could have gone to the gym and done it there as mentioned but that would have prevented me from also getting in a Tabata workout tonight after dinner!  I’m not too old to do crazy things.   I’m also still motivated by the beach and having a bikini body that won’t make my kids hide or the other beach goers cringe too badly and in doing these crazy things I actually still motivate some people to even do one thing which is all worth it.  So changing my plan for a less crazy one works for me as long as I can stick to it.  One day one pound one exercise at a time.  That’s all you can do is be the best you that you can today.



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