Random Thoughts

The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

ability-motivation-attitudeIt was an incredible Superbowl! From the moment this season started with Tom Brady serving his four game suspension to week after week of mostly wins to the AFC Championship to the big game.  It was one big story of a team that doesn’t quit.  A team, led by the all time greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game of football.  A man who is quintessentially focused on one thing and that is doing his very best.  Not just in every game but in every day. From being a good father to a good husband to a leader that the Patriots look up to every day for inspiration; Tom Brady is simply the best.  He eats a certain way to ensure that everything that goes into his body is the best it can be for him so that he may perform to the best of his ability.  He has certain routines that he follows and protocols that allow him to manage the best game that he can every time he steps on the field.  He manages his family in the same way so they can be the best unit that they can be.

As I watched him overcome a year that started off not so positive and march on to overcome in the greatest of ways I thought to myself why can’t we all just be a little more like Tom Brady? Why can’t we all do our best every day?  I have taken on a good attitude for me as much as I can but it’s not the best attitude that I can have every day.  I live in the past still hanging on to a few things that no longer exist as far as I can tell.  I allow myself to have excuses for not tackling all that I can when I should.  Watching the greatest comeback year to the greatest comeback game made me wonder what is holding me back from that next level?  Why have I not run a marathon yet?   Is it because I’m scared or because I don’t have training time?  Actually it’s both and in all reality time is sliding my way as my youngest gets older and approaches graduation.   I won’t give up his time for me until he’s working on his own.  When he’s out of high school I won’t have any more valid excuses.  I know I can do it and I look forward to doing it but for now I have to hold myself back so he has the same Mom attention that the other two got.

Life is short and once today is gone you only have tomorrow left. Today may not be the day you get it done but when will that day be here?  Mine will be the Fall of 2018 and then I will look forward to planning other goals.  What is your holdback goal and when will you get it done and stop being afraid to take that step of faith? The body achieves what the mind believes so ask yourself what it is that you believe and go get it.



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