Random Thoughts

Motivation Comes In Many Forms


The question tonight is:  Can you actually be motivated by a bathing suit?

It’s possible as is anything I suppose but really does anyone care what they look like in a bathing suit on a beach with people that don’t know them or even care about them?  Maybe not everyone but this girl can honestly say YES!

You have to love it when you have a KICK ASS run on the dreadmill.  I hate the dreadmill like many do.  I’d rather run outside in the cold or rain over running on the stationary tin can.  I’ve been so good with my workouts and logging my food intake and staying above 0 calories left for the day.  I’m biking and running and doing Tabata like a champ and as of this week I will finally be able to add swimming to my routine.  I bought myself a swim suit for lap swimming which will be here tomorrow.  Hopefully the online order fits.  Then I found my motivation to keep chugging along working out and being attentive to my healthy.  As I was looking online I had a weak moment and ordered myself a beach bathing suit.  I don’t usually buy so early but I saw it and it was a had to have kind of thing.  It has enough butt coverage so I don’t look like some sleazy 48 year old trying to fool anyone or look like something that just isn’t ever going to happen ever again!  Lots of top coverage in a semi-covered kind of way in a style that suits me.  I’m super excited about it which was part of what led me to my 6 mike awesome DM experience tonight.  I got to the 3 mile mark and just kept going.  I wanted to finish out the standard hour that the machine sets when you start it up.  I didn’t have a date or anywhere to be so my time was all mine and I made the most of it which is a rare occurrence for me.  As the kids get older I find more of that time but it’s still not freely available yet and that’s ok.

So there you have it.  The truth is that you can actually be motivated by a bathing suit



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