Random Thoughts

Sometimes I surprise myself

surprise-myselfSo today I had a 7 miler in my plan.  I kinda sorta had a little bit of feet dragging going on.  It’s funny how a scheduled training run where you have to run a certain number of miles is different from just running those same number of miles where you don’t have to run them.  All of a sudden it feels less fun and more like work and at the end you just are glad it’s done rather than being proud of yourself for running so far in a day.  Either way you look at it, it still gets done.  So off I went with my music in my wireless earbuds singing to me as I headed out.   It would have been nice not to have to hold my phone the entire way but my earbuds crapped out a mile in.  OK, so now we run holding the phone so I can still hear music as the miles ticked by.  Yesterday I ran what I call speed intervals.  I don’t know if that’s what they were in runners terms but I ran 5 miles each of which was a comfortable run pace for .75 mile and the last .25 was an all out sprint.  Whatever it’s called I did it for 5 miles.  Working on endurance I guess.  It made a hum drum DM workout seem more fun.  So today’s goal was intended to be slower run at breathing pace which for me is about a 10 minute mile which I seem to do more often but I’m only competing against myself so what does it matter.  Along I went with a couple of stops to take my top layer off and twice to catch my breath.  It was beautiful outside today.  Nearly 60 for February is a gift which should be taken advantage of whenever possible.  Getting past my slow pace is usually beneficial for me because then I run without hesitation or reservation at my own internal pace.  Once I do that I’m pretty much comfortable with whatever I pull for pace…like making piece with anything.  When I was finished, I did what I always do and looked up my pace.  It’s like my number 1 priority even though I sort of know what it is anyway.  To see it on screen recorded from my Garmin is like getting a present .  I pull up my stats and lo and behold in black and white are splits that never hit the 10 minute mark!  WHAT!?  I actually was trying to hit 10 minutes and failed LOL.  I failed to slow down which I find hilarious!  Why I didn’t hit the mark I’m not sure.  The bigger question is this:  Why does a 9:45 avg pace some days feel so hard but on other  days it seems like a walk in the park?  Who knows and at this point in time who cares.  It’s a successful failure that will make me smile for the rest of the day.  Sometimes I just surprise myself and it makes me want to keep going!



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