Random Thoughts

I’d Rather Have A Closet Full Of Running Shoes!

running-shoesI love days when I don’t care about speed or distance too much.  The days when I am grateful to be out at the crack of dawn when the weather has started to turn to spring but there is still snow clutching on praying to stay just a little longer.   These days I slow it down to the pace I fight keeping because it feels so “old” and I take it all in.  The rising sun beams dodging through the trees to shine on my path and my face, peeking around every tree as I move along like a game of hide and seek.  The days where the air is crisp and cool but not cold when I don’t need something to cover my mouth to prevent a burned esophagus and when I only need my bandanna strapped around my head to stop sweat from pouring down my face.  The days where I am one of the first on the road and the birds are still sleeping.  Today was one of these days.  I feel good in my soul on these days because I can think through things, sort them out and pray.  I don’t go to church like I should but I talk to the Lord often and mostly on the road.  He knows to listen at the ungodly early hour for my prayers and thoughts because he probably won’t hear me from the pew since it’s empty.  That’s another story.  So today I enjoyed myself, didn’t worry that 2/3 miles were above 10 minutes and just ran.  Running for me is never just running or boring.  I still love it after 6 years and use it in different ways.  Running saved me and for that I will give running everything I have and can for as long as I can.  It brings me peace, makes me happy and keeps me sane.  Some girls spend money on heels and pocketbooks and makeup.  Me, I buy running stuff!


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