Random Thoughts

March Madness

This month I added some things to my routine and edited my eating a little bit.  I have to say that we are only 6 days in and already I’m screaming for donemore coffee (only allowing myself one cup) and my body is definitely giving me the finger.  I added squats and burpees into my Tabata routine 3x a week and it has proven to be a good addition but one that I’m paying for with every step.  My everything is tired and I’m looking at the calendar thinking how incredibly long March seems to be.  It’ll be fine and I’ll get to the end and be better for it but this first week will be a struggle I think.  I made the changes to switch things up to better achieve my goals and because my routine was becoming just that, routine.  I don’t study fitness but I read a lot  and pay attention to what my Twitter friends are saying (thank you!) and switching up your workout is necessary if you are working toward certain goals.  I want to be the best 47 yo me that I can be and overweight, flabby and tired from lack of exercise isn’t part of my plan.  I also have this crazy idea that I’d like to wear this to the gym without looking rediculou:

I figure I will work out hard as long as I can because some day I might not be able to do this.  I still want to wear a bikini to the beach and that takes work and sacrifice to make happen.  So we will see what March brings and I will muster up all my courage to stick to my plan to see what April’s progress pictures look like.  I am really happy that I started taking progress pictures because otherwise I would not see progress.  I can go back to November and see where my more serious dedication started which helps on the days when I feel like doing nothing.  So here’s to a March that is full of effort and sweat and hard work!  What are your goals?



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