Random Thoughts

The Answer Is Yes!

I have started doing two-a-days to fit in everything I want to get in.  I’m sort of possessed by it but in a good way.  I still want to swim laps but laps in the pool at the gym take a way from my time at home so those might have to be a Sunday thing if I am not dead after my long runs.  I feel like I can do it all without killing myself so why not try.  I like how things are shaping up literally and how all this core work and squats have made a definite difference.

I did 4 miles this morning with two hills that i am usually chugging and huffing and puffing up.  Today they were so much easier and I’m positive that it was a reward for the hard work I’ve been putting in.  I’m proud of me and proud me likes to work harder to be prouder.  It’s a vicious cycle but one that is so incredibly addicting that it’s better than any Aphrodesiac or drug or drink ever.  So if you were wondering if all your hard work will pay off the answer is YES!



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