Random Thoughts

I Might Need A Coffee Intervention!

I don’t usually have a hard mental time with the changes I’ve made to my workouts or eating.  I’m pretty much a set it and forget it kind of gal, however, giving up my second cup of coffee in the morning is proving to be a real mental challenge!  I mean don’t I always say Never Give Up! ?  I mean really, what’s the point in giving up coffee… at this point it’s just an exercise in mental fortitude if you ask me.  Caffeine is good for you in moderation so I have read and heard.  I only drink two cups ….(whispers under breath) my cups might just be 24 oz cups but that’s not the point right??!! I am considering a caffeine intervention because seriously folks, I’m sitting here blogging about not having my second cup.  I think that’s problematic.  I might just be addicted to coffee!  Hey! At least it’s not drugs or cigarettes or alcohol or other really bad things for you. Right?  Right!  It’ll be fine in a little while when the urge to get up and make a fresh pot of wonderful smelling coffee passes… uuugggghhh now I really want a second cup!  NO! I’m not going to do it, I’m going to be stronger than my weakness and not cave in no matter how much I want it.  I can do this…. I CAN do this.

Just had to get that off my chest.



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