Random Thoughts

Pushing Myself To Be More Like My Kids

Last night my son strolled into my house surprising me a day early for Spring break!  It’s the second time he’s come home off plan and taken me by surprise.  So nice to have him back in the house again.  Just seeing him on my couch (his roommate from Kuwait had his bed) sleeping made me smile.  I thought about how happy my children make me and if all I had was my children I would have a full and happy life.  Today, as promised in yesterday’s blog I upped my morning arm workout.  I upped the length of each set from 1 minute to 1:15 rather than increase the weight.  I want to tone and burn not build muscle.  As I worked out I thought about my son and how focused he is on most everything he takes on including working out.  He’s like me in many ways including his self motivation and determination to accomplish whatever  it is that he sets his mind to.  As I worked through each set I thought about how I wanted to be like him and push through the time increase and not give up.  It wasn’t all that hard in perspective to say doubling my time or adding more weight.  That would be a struggle but I’m not looking to struggle in this endeavor.  Just a slow jog to my goal at a furiously focused routine that I stick to.  Believe it or not, the 15 extra seconds I added definitely made a difference in the effort I put in and how tired my muscles felt, but I wasn’t drenched in sweat or gasping for air.  It was the right choice.  I want to be the mom that my kids are proud of.  The mom that their friends say is funny, friendly and adorable in how much I love and cater to them.  The mom who can go to the beach and hold her own in a bikini without making them aghast with horror that I’m letting it all hang out.  The mom who makes their friends say “that’s your MOM?”. The mom who doesn’t look too old or ugly or wrinkly and who they don’t mind hanging out with for a while.  My vigorous workout will help me be the Mom that isn’t too tired to do things and will help me feel good and help me manage stress.  When I workout I think about all those things and the thought of Johnny is like having a coach right in my mind the whole time.   I work hard because I know he would work hard and expect nothing less of himself.  I know he would push me to reach my goals because he loves me and I want to make him and all three of my children proud of me. I want to be kind with an infectious laugh like Katy and sweet and funny and caring like James.   I want to lead by example by showing them what commitment and dedication looks like.  I want them to see that you can do anything you set your mind to and that all you have to do is want to in order to make it happen.  John being home is good timing and incentive to take control of my new routine and make it work for me all the way to the next level.

My kids are my everything to me and I couldn’t go a day without talking to them and telling them I love them.  Happiness is relative and can be found in many things.  For me those things are my kids, running and working out and a husband who does all he knows how to make me smile.  What’s your happiness?



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