Random Thoughts

The Best Surprise!

I am a Sparkle Girl plain and simple.  I wear Sparkle Skirts because they are awesome, they stay in place and they are super pretty!  I always get compliments on it when I am at a race too.  The shorts under the skirt are long and have huge pockets that hold water, fuel and my phone so my hands are free.  I hate running while holding something which isn’t all that uncommon.  You can order off the site or buy your own fabric from a couple of suggested vendors and have one made just for yourself or a team.  It’s like being in a candy store and every time I go to the website because I could get so carried away!  I always leave without buying anything because it seems frivolous to spend money on it.  Well it’s silly to spend TOO MUCH money on it.  A treat once in a while is ok because every runner should have good running clothes.  I’d rather be in spandex / lycra / poly mixes than anything honestly.  I did cave recently and put myself on a special order for a butterfly skirt made out of this awesome material over there!    Butterflies are my symbol animal because they used to be ugly and transform into something beautiful sort of like what happened to me coming out of a horrifically dangerously depressed suicidal vortex not too long ago.  Running saved me and from there it’s been nothing but mostly days that get better and better.  I transformed myself so it seems fitting that a butterfly is my animal. I can’t wait to get it because it’s meaningful to me.   Today I was floored when Barbara came to see me with a present.  I was taken by surprise.  I opened it and found this amazingly beautiful Sparkle Skirt (Barbara is a Sparkle Skirt girl too!)  It’s full of motivational phrases, inspirational sayings and just a ton of things that embody everything I’ve become and everything I
try to inspire in others every day.  I send out inspirational messages to my friends each day to try to make them feel good about their day, themselves, life or whatever.  Maybe I make a difference at just the right time.  So this skirt is perfect and just the greatest gift from a special lady who has become a good friend of mine.  We run together and we’ve been through ups and downs that are very similar.  We think a lot alike and it’s just nice when we can spend time together running, at lunch or racing.  I was really surprised and I can’t wait to take her out on her inaugural run after the snow goes away a little.  So excited!



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