Random Thoughts

Seizing Opportunities Just Like Ernestine!

My work cancelled office hours today due to the impending snow storm that is coming in about an hour or so.  There’s something that changes when you know you don’t have to get up early and get your routine done.  That same something that makes you willing to stay up late and watch a movie without wondering when you’ll fall asleep or if you’ll remember to shut the TV off before you drift off.  That same something also makes a runner look outside to determine if there’s time for a run or if it’s just stupid to try.  When I got up around 6:30 the first thing I did was I looked outside this morning I saw wet ground but no new snow yet and none falling at that time.  That to me is an opportunity.  The second thing I did was check the temperature because for me, if it’s under 20 degrees out I’m not going out because I’ll just switch up my plan to weights and / or my awesome bike.  The thermometer app said 26 so I donned my warm gear and off I went because I know that it probably is the only opportunity to get out on the road for a few days.  I love that I can run at the gym on the DM anytime I want but I HATE the DM profusely every time I do have to use it. I’d rather run outside than anything.  The DM makes my hips ache for days after a long run on it.  It serves a purpose and only that purpose so I won’t condemn it.  Today I saw an opportunity to get my happy on and jumped on it because I’m still able to.  Yesterday I read for the second time about a woman named Ernestine Shepherd  (that’s her…she’s 78 years old!!)
who for the second time just inspired me to be the best I can.  I so want to be like her when I’m her age.  What a super sweet lady she is with an amazing attitude!  She seizes the opportunity to be the best she can be every day and I want to do that too for as long as I possibly can.  I like to do something for myself in terms of working out every day.  Now every day doesn’t allow me to work out and those days I just call rest days because those are good.  Because I switch up my routine and I don’t run every day, I feel like working out even twice a day is ok because it’s all in moderation.  I eat well and carefully count calories most days and drink a bunch of water too. I’m on day 22 without an official “rest day” on my rotating fitness schedule.  I like this plan I’m following because I feel well rounded and strong. I look good and I’m on top of myself for the first time ever.  I’m perfecting me and what I do so that I can keep going just like Ernestine. Today’s run was seizing an opportunity that is now not there since the snow storm has officially started 2 hrs after I got up.  Good timing I’d say!



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