Random Thoughts

Some Days The Struggle Is Very Real

I am not sure if I’m coming down with something or not but my body feels like the onset of the flu.  My head is not in a bubble but I definitely don’t have the usual dose of energy that I am accustomed to.  I felt kind of MEH last night as well.  Morning ride on my stationary bike seemed fine.  I worked harder than I thought I would but in the evening I just was not motivated.  I did manage to get in a round 2 workout but it was lacking effort for sure.  I managed 16 minutes of the bike at an easy effort and did some abs for 45 minutes beyond that.  Done is done I always say.  Today however I am struggling to find my go get em attitude.  I passed on my morning run because it was 18 degrees out and well, you know how I feel about anything under 20!  I packed a bag to run at lunch but scrapped that at the first sign of an excuse.  So here I sit trying to convince myself to go for a 3 mile run after work when I really don’t want to.  I’m on day 24 without a “rest day” and maybe that’s why I feel tired and run down.  So there in lies the struggle for me right now, make myself go for a half assed run after work or take a day off. It isn’t like a day off isn’t warranted or like it would throw me back having to make up weeks of working hard.  In fact, a rest day would most likely do me good, however, I feel so damn guilty about not doing something. I shouldn’t but I do.  I should take the advice I would give anyone else on the planet…rest because your body most likely is telling you it needs a damn day off!  I’m still going to make an effort to put in 3 miles outside when I get home because let’s face it:

  1. My 4/9 race won’t be on the treadmill
  2. I may not feel good on race day but the race will still take place
  3. I just signed up for Fabletics because they have cute stuff that I want to fit into
  4. I am determined

I think I’m done whining now.  Thanks for listening!



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