Random Thoughts

Changing My Definition Of Food

Today is an entirely new day! I feel great compared to 24 hours ago when I would rathered to have taken a nap and stayed in bed than worked out.  Yesterday my have just been a fluke or perhaps it is because I didn’t work out in the morning, scrapped my lunch workout and began feeling gross.  Either way, today I started the day off right and here I am so happy that I did.  For me, this daily routine of getting a workout or two and sometimes three is becoming a necessity like eating.  I am actually compelled to do something every day.  I never would have guessed that I of all people in the world, who comes from the laziest family among many, would ever enjoy working out!  My family never worked out except when my mom got the occasionally pull to try to be on another diet DIE + T which usually included sweating to the oldies or a Jane Fonda workout 8 track cassette for a few weeks…yep I said that!  I’m that old!

My family likes ice cream by the half gallon when we ate it and loved goodies and things like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes with lots of butter, bacon and eggs with some Pepperidge Farms bread that was to die for when slathered with butter!  MMMMM!  My family did teach me what foods were great to eat.  As much as I loved food and still do but in a much healthier quantity and kind, I never was someone who ate when I was upset because I never wanted to become my mother who has fought the weight battle really badly, her whole life.  I hated “Fat” and struggle with not being that way every day of my life and even today.  My family probably would fall into the category of sedentary if we were taking a census.  We liked to watch TV all day every weekend.  We watched TV every night till bedtime and while we ate dinner some days.  We liked to go out to eat at places that had a reputation.  Sometimes that reputation was fast food and other times it was for great “real” food before everyone became a health nut like myself and most things tacked on the “-free” suffix to make you feel better.  I didn’t grow up with a healthy lifestyle because when you don’t have a lot of money you eat what you can afford and what we could afford was bologna & cheese, mac n cheese, whole or chocolate milk, chicken pot pies, peanut butter and jelly and chicken patties on many nights.  My mom did cook things like chicken and steak and veggies so she wasn’t negligent but we paid no mind to healthy lives unless we were told by the doctor to change something. It’s just the way it was.

I didn’t start working out as part of my daily / weekly routine until 2011.  Before that there were spurts of gym memberships or random classes with work friends or crash diets and fitness tapes that were given as a gift that got the token test run then got put away forever.  I married someone who believes in fitness and was active his whole life but never was an avid gym goer or runner or even someone who watched what he ate until the year before I started running.  We are new to being religious about fitness and I, far more than he.  I’m one of those nuts that you stop commenting to on my Facebook posts because you probably get sick of me talking about how much I love it and how many times a day I do it.  I can’t help it and I won’t stop it.  I’ve just turned into this person who is aging and trying to stay reasonably fit for my age so I don’t scare her kids friends away.  I will continue to do healthy things so I  won’t have to experience the issues that caused my life to spiral to hell and back ever again.  I want to be happy and able to move until I die and not be a burden to my kids.  So we keep going because it makes me, myself and I happy and when we’re happy we smile.  When I smile I feel pretty and it makes my kids smile and be happy too.  What else could a girl want!



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