Random Thoughts

The Space Invaders

Nothing pisses me off more than when my home workout space isn’t available for me to use because there’s a mess left from the space invaders!  This morning I went down to work out and there was CRAP everywhere that was left from the weekend’s work.  Not a big deal when I just need to get on my stationary bike but when I’m scheduled for weight training, I need some room to move around.  Here’s the thing: when I get up early enough to get everyone ready for their day so that I have time for myself to workout before starting my own day, it is infuriating to me when MY space isn’t available because someone else didn’t care to clean up after themselves. I wouldn’t do that.  It sets my day off on the wrong foot when I cannot workout when I want to.  My workout time has become invaluable and super important to me.  I work really hard to make sure I get my time in whenever I can.  It never interferes with anyone’s needs because I take care of those first or fit my time into another time slot.  So this morning I go down to work out and there’s just crap strewn all over my space.  It’s just not feasible for me in the time I allotted for me to clear the room up so I can use it.  I was already a little late getting down there so I had to scrap the workout and give up my lunch so I could get a run in.  Not the end of the world because I’ll get a workout in anyway, but seriously why should I have to rearrange my plans because someone was so inconsiderate?  There’s Christmas decorations strewn all over that room which in and of themselves aren’t too much in the way.  They occupy the OTHER half of the 13×9 room.  Now I have theater set building creations in my space.  My space, as of this morning, is now just a 5’x5′ area in that big room.  We now have workout equipment, a drum set, a non used piano, sofa and chair, upside down hanging machine, workout bag, table, a Bow-flex type machine and my stationary bike all occupying floor space.  It’s becoming a storage closet that I can’t even get into.  Dear space invader…We share this space called home.  I don’t mind sharing what has become my workout space but clean up your stuff when your done using it so I too can use it if and when I want to.  It’s just common courtesy.


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