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Back to normal.  That’s where I’m at today.  My workout room was miraculously cleaned out so I could move some things around in order to get my workout in. So today I can get two workouts in, one of which will be with my son after work.  I love the two-fer days because I feel like a super athlete.

I love running with James because he is a beautiful runner with his long strong legs and he looks like a graceful gazelle running in slow motion while my legs are a blur trying to keep up with his huge stride.  The thing I love most about running with him is slowing down.  I mentioned earlier in another post that thanks to James I have found a new slower pace that allows me to enjoy my run like never before.  At this pace I would consider a full marathon and in fact if I keep it up I may just register for one this fall.  Why not?  I’m crazy enough to get it done.

So life is back to my happy place and I continue on to working out and running religiously to be the best me I can be.  On a side note I finally had an actual rest day for the first time in 24 days and it was quite appreciated by every inch of my body.  It set me up for a good week of workouts so there is no doubt (never was) that rest days are crucial.

Last week I did something that I didn’t think I should.  I joined an online fitness clothing company.  I wasn’t going to but I can’t help myself.  If I’m going to stuff my ass into tight pants and parade it around town I want it to be pretty!  It’s all good as long as I don’t forget to pass on the monthly outfit by the 4th of the month.  It allows me to get great pricing and only take outfits when I want them.  I’m reaching a selfish stage where I feel like I deserve stuff too and well I’m doing some of those things for myself!  Bravery comes in waves I guess.  I’ll have to let you know how I like it.

As my mom likes to say “That’s all that’s fit to print and fresh fish too!”




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