Random Thoughts


I’ve officially gone overboard!  I normally don’t go shopping crazy except for good food for my family to eat.  I don’t ask to spend and I don’t spend.  I have taken a back seat to the other costs of life with kids since I got married.  In the last week I lost all sense of reason and ordered myself everything I wanted.  I finally paid for said Grail Skirt.  I am like a little kid just waiting on the edge of my seat for this baby!  No self control there but I knew when I put my name on the list that this was coming.  OK, whatever.



Then I joined Fabletics     and got myself some super awesome running capris that are amazingly well manufactured and feel unbelievable on.  I got a great deal on this stuff $58 with free shipping for 3 capris and a bra top.


Then I decided that I HAD to pre-order the book that the Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence, wrote: “Redefine Impossible.  50|50|50″  If you don’t know, he successfully completed 50 ironman races in 50 consecutive days in 50 states.  I just have to read about what that took and what it was like!  Ordered that too!

Then I booked a trip to go see my parents and $300 later I feel like I have binge spent my savings at a casino.  I don’t EVER spend this kind of money and I’m a little afraid of myself right now. It will be fine as long as I don’t continue going crazy.  As crazy and nervous as I am right now, I am super excited to have done a couple of things for myself for once!  I mean I have shopped for me before when I needed it and I get whatever foods I want so I eat well but I don’t ever binge spend on ME.  I deserve it and I’m not sorry about it.  It’s like Christmas!  If hubby happens to find out I’m probably in for a lecture and some Mr. Potato Head angry eyes but it isn’t like I spent life savings and he knows about the travel expenditure anyway so a few weak moments in 30 years together…. I think that’s ok 🙂




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