Random Thoughts

Accepting Sub Par

This last weekend I did an 11 mile training run.  Usually it takes me about an hour to recover from the long runs above 8 or 9 miles.  I drink water and coffee of course because I love it.  I eat and relax a little and I’m fine.  My legs don’t “ache” per se but I know I’ve done a long run for sure.  Yesterday I was absolutely wiped out for hours!  It wasn’t so much my legs, which did ache, but my entire upper body just felt like I had the flu.  I sat around watching movies pretty much for the remainder of the day like a lump.  I wore my new Fabletics outfit which probably helped me not to feel like total Ass because of it’s compressive quality (good stuff!).  It was like I had actually done my half marathon but not.  I checked my splits and they were super slow, none below 10 minute mile and most around 10:15 or more.  Not what I expected but today it makes sense.  That glorious process that only women can “appreciate” showed up this morning.  Everything has fallen into place because two days prior every single month I am super tired and wiped out.  This is something new to me because in my youth I never had energy problems no matter what day it was.  I guess that comes with age and we’ll see how I feel next week when I put up my 12 pre-race miles.   My poor son rode his bike with me all 11 miles and it wasn’t the warmest of days.  God love that kid!  The lesson here is that we have to focus on having completed the task rather than the overall quality of sometimes, because sometimes it can only be average or sub par.


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