Random Thoughts

Does Proof Of A Run Matter?

So today I slapped on my new awesome workout clothes that feel awesome and out I went for a “relaxed” run.  Yeah, my legs forgot to message me that they were in charge this morning.  The minute I pushed off and hit the GO button on my watch I was running at a pace that seemed a little more aggressive than I thought I would be tackling  today.  I thought about the last 3 days and thought to myself that 11 miles on Sat followed by 75 minutes spinning at home Sunday and a Tabata workout Mon morning followed by a 30 minute spin session Mon night really warrants a SLOW RUN you dumb ass legs!  There was no negotiating with those babies because they were hell bound to go.  I assessed my breathing and it was fine, legs felt amazingly awesome considering I’ve been beating on them relentlessly.  I sat back and went with the flow for the duration.  When I got home I looked at my watch and two double takes later I realized my watch said 28:14 (forgot to stop the watch exactly when I stopped).  I rounded out and called it 28 even if it was a few seconds over.  Think about that!  28 minutes is like a 9:20 mile.  What the HELL is going on?  I haven’t been able to run that fast in a while.  It’s more that I enjoy slower runs because well, I like to breathe for one thing.  For another I stop thinking about how tired I am and start enjoying the run and scenery and my mind starts to drift to other things.  That is where I like to be and if that’s where I stay forever….that’s totally fine.  So now I’m all excited and I go inside blabbing to anyone who will listen that I just did a 28 minute 5K and oh wow blah blah blah….. my friggin watch won’t sync with Garmin so I can see my splits!  WTF!!! So I try syncing with my mobile Garmin Connect to no avail.  Reconnect with my charger to my laptop…nothing.  Disconnect my Garmin mobile app and reload it…NOTHING!  Now I have no proof that I was amazing this morning!  UUGGHHH Ok, so I don’t have anyone to impress but I WANT TO IMPRESS MYSELF! I want PROOF on my screen!  My Garmin connect mobile app only shows 24 seconds recorded even though I have sync’d and my watch recorded my miles. So I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with knowing I did it even though I can’t prove it.  Does proof actually matter??? There’s a question that will keep you up at night.



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