Random Thoughts

How Much Is Too Much?

So how much is too much?  I ask this question because as you know if you have been reading my posts, I have significantly stepped up my fitness routine. Most days if I can manage it I’m working out twice a day.  I don’t run every day or bike every day usually, but I do something different every day.  I use a tracker to log my food intake so I keep tabs on what I’m ingesting.  I feel good, feel like I look as great as ever and I’m doing the right things in terms of sleep, water, food etc.  Today my husband touches my side as I sit on the bed putting my sneakers on getting ready for a morning Tabata workout.  Just an abbreviated one compared to longer 80-90 minute sessions when I have time.  He said that right now I’m the “tightest” he’s ever seen me.  This wasn’t a “go baby go” comment, it was one of concern.  He voiced concern that I was overdoing it and didn’t want me to start looking like Maria Shriver because I’m getting obsessed.  Now, I’m no body builder by any stretch, but the places that typically have had “gush” are fewer than years past but certainly not non-existent.  I’m just in relatively good shape for my age. 

This got me to thinking about what is “too much”?  Is it a number of workouts in a day?  Is it a certain weight range?  Is it illness or injury driven?  AM I overdoing it?  I could be, however, the way I look at it is this.  I am rested, not injured, well fed, well hydrated, not so sore that I can’t move and I still enjoy every workout barring the random bad ones.  What is it that determines whether or not what I’m doing is doing too much?  My theory is that if I feel good and I’m taking care of my insides and needs, who is to say that I can’t keep going as long as I’m physically able to and maintain a pain and injury free body?  Aren’t I the one who is the best one to judge this?  I mean I don’t want to overdo it or hurt myself or even look like Maria.  I just want to be the best me that I can be.  Honestly I just want to pull off a bikini and shorts this summer without worry or embarrassing my kids LOL.  I do have a weight goal that I want to reach which is only 9 lbs away from where I am now.  I realize that strength training might prevent me from actually getting there since muscle weighs more than fat and that’s OK with me.  That’s what I’m aiming for.  That target weight for me is a weight that not only fits my body style but one in which I have worn many times in my life.  I don’t obsess about it, I just keep it in mind every day because it keeps me motivated.  I read as much as I can and focus on the things my Twitter friends post and write about.  My Twitter friends are brilliant and are a wealth of knowledge and experience that I continue to learn from.  I love them all and am so happy to have the access to them to better myself.  As long as I feel good and remain focused on consistency and moderation of all things I think I’m doing OK.

So what is your verdict?  What do you think is the happy medium that an able person who is healthy and mid way through life and also willing to work out should keep in mind when it comes to staying fit?



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