Random Thoughts

The Last Week

Today is one of my favorite days before a race for me.  It’s the last long run before 13.1.  I enjoy this day because I know that I’m ready to take it on.  It’s funny because I still get nervous even though I have done a few over my 6 years of running.  I know I’ll finish, I’m not sure with my slower pace if I’ll finish near my other 2 hour marks give or take but that’s ok because I’m making peace with my pace in lieu of just having fun.  I’m expecting to finish somewhere around 2 hrs and 2:15:00.  That’s actually my goal….higher than ever and I don’t even care.  I’m excited to run another race with my friend Barbara and have come to really enjoy the races that we’ve taken on together.  We talk running all the time and it’s one of my favorite things.  Today I have 12 miles to do which some runners would say I shouldn’t do.  It’s just how I roll.  Twelve miles is a lot for me but not for some.  Everyone is different but for me 12 is one shy of the max I run for now.  I think today I’m going to try to do what Kelly Roberts suggests when wrapping your mind around a long run.   I’m going to chunk it out in some manner.  Maybe I’ll take short video’s every few miles and make a vlog for my next post or maybe take pictures or something fun.  I’m learning, probably more like accepting, that stopping during a long run is OK. We’ll see how I get it done.  I’m running a new route for this one on roads I’ve run before just not all together for a long run.  I’m hoping for some sunshine to light the way and warm my back.



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