Random Thoughts

Post Script

So yesterday was my last long run before my half.  I was on the fence about whether or not I was looking forward to it probably because last week turned out so bad.  I began to wonder if I’m beyond good long runs because of my age or lack of a quick foot these days.  The silly things that run through our heads that we ourselves allow us to get there.  So I laced up and headed out mid morning with the warmer day’s weather peeking out behind fleeting clouds.  I headed out at the “I can do this forever pace” per an article I read in some running resource this week.  As I headed out I thought of Kelly Roberts, my favorite mentor, icon and teacher (she’d laugh at that) and that she would simply say to have fun.  So have fun I set out to do.  I focused on slow splits right around 10 minute miles because slow long runs are good and well….who wants to do fast ones anyway if it’s not a race right?  One mile at a time I enjoyed the weather because it was glorious to say the least.  I warmed up as I ran and as the sun came out to hang with me.  I took it slow, stopped every 2 miles or so for a sip of Powerade and didn’t worry about what was waiting for me when I stopped or what was for dinner or anything.  I ran with an open heart and a happy head and it was wonderful.  I love runs like that because they remind me why I love running and they refuel me.  I thought I might need a distraction like filming short videos on the run but I didn’t want to because I was just happy.  I finished so strong and accomplished and knew I was ready to take on my race in a week.  NOW I’m excited about it.  I cannot wait to hit it.

I love racing and running.  I hope I always do.



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