Random Thoughts

Lock & Load Baby! Why I Love Strong Abs

First I just want to say a big Fuck You to my Garmin watch!  Again won’t sync but did record it.

Ok, now I can write.

As a runner I have learned things about myself and my running on a regular basis.  I have learned the difference between 9 minute miles and 10 minute miles and can tell when I’m running either just by how I feel.  I have learned not to eat more than say a banana too close to a run or I’ll have to pay with a bad belly.  I have learned how to dress for the weather and what gear I like wearing.  Spending money on good active wear is worth the money because it stays together and does it’s job.  Another thing I have learned is the benefit of strong abs for running.  I have now run races without having worked my abs all the way through doing them 5 days a week.  I definitely prefer the latter.  I love feeling strong when I run and part of that achievement is having put in the work to keep my abs in shape to keep me up with ease as I cover the miles of a half marathon and the long runs.  I love the feeling I get when I’m coming off a hill to a flat or hitting an incline when I can feel my abs lock in place prepared to support me.  It makes me smile when I feel the obliques and my abdominal wall including my transverse and rectus abdominis all tighten up at the same time like a big hug that lets me know they are there for me.  It makes me feel good that I put all the work in to keep them at the ready whenever I need them.  When they engage I can focus on my cadence and my stride rather than using that energy to stand up.  It’s like having an awesome assistant who knows exactly what to do to make your life easier and just goes into motion at the exact moment that anything needs to be done.  If I don’t have to worry about my abs then I can have a great race and worry about other things.  Every time I feel my obliques lock into position I say thank you and make a mental note to reward them with another workout as soon as possible. We have a great relationship and it’s worth all the time that goes into getting it done.  I don’t have a picture perfect washboard but I’m beyond that stage.  I’m in very respectable shape because I love running and do what it takes to be as great as I can and want to be.  Side reward will be the bikini I won’t worry about wearing to the beach this summer. I’m not training to be skinny, I’m training to be a Bad Ass me!   So if you’re wondering if sit ups and side dips and dead lifts and planks are worth it.   I say YES they are!




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