2017 · being brave · Setting Goals

Not Letting Fear Stop You From Setting & Achieving Goals

So, for those of you who actually read this blog,  you will remember that yesterday was like this big important emotional pinnacle day for me.  I stepped forward to start a fresh chapter in my life following a very dark episode.  It was like I was holding my breath for a REALLY long time and had taken my first breath of air.  So if you have been a fan of my ridiculous rants you ALSO know that I am a HUGE fan of Kelly Roberts who blogs and vlogs and does podcasts all based on her journey out of a similar dark place.  She is super motivational and funny and sarcastic and has found her strength through running and running friends.  I love following her because she makes me feel good about me and makes me realize that I should be having fun running and not be scared of setting goals and trying new things. 

So I follow her and write these blogs.  In the last 24 hours I feel like she’s egging me on.  What do I mean by that you ask?  I feel like I’ve thought more about signing up for a full marathon because of her.  Kelly would say to me “what the hell are you afraid of?”  She would tell me that I shouldn’t let the fear of such a big commitment and the possibility of not finishing prevent me from trying.  She’s right.  Why haven’t I signed up for one or tried one yet?  It is a long way but people older than me have done that.  It is a long way but people slower than me have completed them.  It is a long way but people that are not as healthy or strong as me have done it.  The factual reason that I haven’t done it so far is that I don’t want to have to commit to training RIGHT NOW.  I still have a son in high school for another year and I want to give him as much time as I gave his brother and sister.  He deserves that.  That actually is the only real reason that I haven’t jumped in and signed up.  After next May when he graduates I will no longer have any reasons not to.  I think in the back of my head I have already decided that next Fall will be my target for actually completing one.  I then think that I could run my first marathon on my 50th birthday which falls in May of 2019…THAT would be so awesome and if I did a destination race for my birthday it seems like waiting a little longer would be great.  Maybe I could get some company for such a big deal.

Anyway the IF doesn’t really exist because it’s more like WHEN and WHERE.  Listening to Kelly has helped me get over the fear of whether or not I should and to turn those thoughts into when and where I could.  A marathon has been on my bucket list in pencil and I feel like now it’s in pen.  Do you have any suggestions on amazing marathons for me to consider?  Somewhere warm (during our Fall), beautiful, flat, fun and well run are the things that I am looking for.  Tell me, I’m all ears!  Here’s to having new goals and being excited about it!


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