2017 · Attitude · happiness · Random Thoughts

Feeling Strong

It’s amazing to me how one day I can feel so crappy and another can find me running like I’m super woman.  Today I wore a cape as I practically flew all 4 miles.  I’m having so much more fun these days because I have embraced my slower pace and just go out with the best attitude for having fun and enjoying the fact that I can do this.  I have a half marathon on Sunday and this is the first half that I’ve run that I am totally just looking forward to with excitement and without fear.  Maybe it’s because I know I can do it but I feel like it’s because I know it will be my slowest race and I’m ok with that.  I just want to have fun with my friend and enjoy it.  Funny thing is, now that I’m just having fun, my splits are travelling back down to between 9.5 and 10 minutes which is rather amusing.  Try hard and do 10 or kick back and have fun and pull in 9.5 LOL!  So funny to me.  Today was a day that I easily cruised through and enjoyed this beautiful sunrise.  I stopped and took a picture and didn’t stress out because I was “STOPPING” for a second.  I’m not being timed and no one in the world cares so why should I miss the opportunity to take a picture that will forever remind me of this strong day.  This was one mile in and it only lasted for a minute before the sun crested all the way to the top of the trees and the beautiful pink horizon dissipated into a golden sky of the morning.  On the way back the sun coming up painted just the tops of the trees which was equally pretty.  All in all I felt stupendous and thought about my friend Barbara who takes pictures that inspire her along her runs.  I thought about runners that I follow because they inspire me and how they seem so brave and courageous and strong.  As I ran to my playlist it seemed that all the songs cued up had a strong bass line that seemed to be the same beat that my feet were pounding out and that my heart was singing to.  Simply awesome is how I felt.  Strong and capable was how I ran and happy and positive is what I embraced.  I simply love running for all of the good days and yes even for the not so wonderful days.  It’s helped me find and push my limits and helped me find myself again.  It reminds me that I want to skid into home plate at the end of my life screaming Hell Yeah! Woo Hoo! and not carrying any regrets with me.  It’s found me friendships and goals and motivation and determination  unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve found wisdom and encouragement and because running makes me feel so good, I try to share a little bit of my happy with as many people as I can because it’s the greatest feeling in the world!




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