Random Thoughts

Race Rituals

Runners have routines and that is a fact.  Whether we wear dirty socks, don’t shower or eat dry oatmeal  before the race, our habits surrounding races always seem to be our priority.  It’s like voodoo some of the things we do before a race, and pretty much everyone does everything possible not to break those habits probably more because of superstitious purposes.  I used to not shower before a race but that isn’t so important now.  I do have some things I actually do before my races like eating oatmeal and a banana and carrying Gatorade even though they have some on the course generally.  I lay my outfit out the night before to see if “flat Brenna” looks good and I usually have a granola bar for fuel.  Another thing I do is pick my bib up the day before the race and I add up the numbers to see what they total.  Usually they add up to 12,13,14 or 15.  Tomorrow’s racing bib however added up to 8.  So what do I do with that might you ask?  I could freak out and get all wonky but instead I decided to make it mean something!  Eight is my husband and eldest son’s favorite number.  So I feel like I’ll be taking them with me as I run.  It’s the little funny things that make us feel better isn’t it?  I don’t have anything crazy or obsessive that I do, however,  I have to have everything in order, packed and lined up before bed the night before the race. It makes me happy and calm and ready to hit it the next morning.  Running is wonderful right down to the funny and sometimes weird rituals that we practice.  We all have something that we do and we all know that we are not alone in those habits.  It’s one of the greatest things that binds us together as runners.



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