Random Thoughts

Post Race Running

Today I went for my first run after my race.  I felt good and took yesterday off to give my body a rest from all exercise.  I did this Saturday too which I struggle doing but I did it because I know I needed to.  The excitement I had pulling on my running gear was a little like the excitement I have before the kids get up for Christmas.  More like happy anticipation but exciting just the same.  I miss running when I don’t go so on most of days when I can go I am looking forward to it.  I finished my priority tasks for the morning and out I went.  I figured I would do at least 3 but hoped that my legs would cooperate for 4.  As I moved along I decided that 4 flat miles would be what I would do instead of 4 with hills.  I chugged along not feeling like I just did 13.1 just two days ago.  My legs felt awesome, my breathing was controlled and the weather was amazing.  Down, around and over my familiar streets with small inclines and declines that I know with my eyes closed.  Stronger as I went so happy to be out on the road on an amazing day making  myself stronger.  As I chugged along I always let my thoughts drift to many things because it’s quiet and I can think undisturbed by life.  Today I thought about how Kelly Roberts as I have quite frequently lately.  She teaches through her blogs and her vlog and podcast that if you run, you are a runner.  She reminds us that we as women have cellulite here and there and it’s normal because think for a moment about what we make our bodies do.  Most of us don’t look like Barbie or Shalane  Flanagan but so what.  I thought about how strong I am and how much I can do that others can not.  Does it matter that that I’m built like a Ukrainian brick house?  No it does not.  I am so proud of what I can do and how strong I am.  Being able to get out in the morning to do something so wonderful for me is so rewarding.  I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.  Today it was peaceful and beautiful and rewarding for me.  The further I ran, the more I changed my route on demand to add an additional distance so I could stay out just a little longer in what is now clearly a spring morning.  I couldn’t be happier to see winter go away this year.  I hated the cold running .  Today will be pushing summer as it hits 70+ degrees so I’m glad I got out when it was cooler.  My kicks and I covered 4.25 miles to the same songs in the same playlist I’ve had for a while and it was great.  How are your post race runs?  Are they rewarding and full of anticipation or challenging?




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