2017 · Attitude · Dreadmill · Tabata · YMCA

Country But Not Back Woods

Today I’m not in my hometown.  I’m visiting my parents in VA and it’s raining.  It’s also a gym day for my mother and my father has a visitors pass for the week.  That made the workout decision easy for sure.  So it’s the YMCA which guarantees a minimum level of equipment versus some rinky-dink; back-woods; converted garage gym for hicks.  I’m not expecting it to be big but I am hoping it will at least have what I need to get a few miles in. I go because it will make my mother happy but I wish I could just stay here and do my 3.86 mile loop.  I think that a road run must definitely have to be better than what  the back woods YMCA of Halifax VA (@YMCAsbhc )has to offer.  I try to reassure my doubting self that it’s the Y so there has to be a standard to uphold in terms of equipment and classes.  I’m not expecting much more than a single treadmill with a waiting line and a few free weights and maybe some mats and a water cooler.  Whatever. It’s a workout and better than nothing on this rainy day in VA which is preventing me from heading out on the street today.  I’ll make the most of it I think to myself as we drive the 20 minutes to the facility.  We make small talk and I think about what I’ll try and do when we get back to make up for the lack of a workout that I’m about to get.  Mother – Daughter time right? Right.  Then we get there and lo and behold we pull up to the front row handicapped parking (my mother needs great assistance getting around and uses a cane and a wheelchair and a walker) which is available.  We get out, go in and check in.   A small but quaint lobby, clean and bright is the first thing we walk into.  Here everyone is friendly so we get the typical greeting and hi how are you as we move to check in.  My mother goes to the pool and I head to the wellness center. The Wellness Center…sounds fancy doesn’t it?  Well I’m not going to be surprised or shocked when it’s a closet.
I’ve never been here so who am I to judge.   I’m not sure what to expect or if I’ll be fighting for a machine, waiting in line for one or sitting in a corner waiting for my mother because the wellness center isn’t very comprehensive.  To my surprise it’s HUGE!  There must have been 8 Treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes that weren’t all taken.  Bonus!  There were nautilus machines and free weights as well in a room that did not smell like a gym locker and wasn’t filled with muscle heads getting ripped.  There were people of all ages in there just trying to stay healthy. Even the personal trainer who was absolutely jacked was perfecting his form.  I shouldn’t have prejudged it because it was better than my own gym back home!  So I said a mental thank you for the gift of corporate standards and got on a DM deciding that I’d do interval training.  When I do this I run .75 mile and then sprint the last .25 mile and repeat for a few miles.  I love this DM workout because it breaks up the monotony and I feel super awesome afterward. So I did 5 interval miles then headed over to the free weight section to do some Tabata.  30 minutes later it was time for me to pack it up.  That was the best workout I’ve had in a long time and I went in with a poor attitude that I should never have adopted just because I’m in the country.  Shame on me!  It was a wonderful place with super nice people and very much current with the latest technological equipment offerings.  I’m so happy I didn’t stay home because I got a great workout and I earned myself a big fat ol’ piece of my father’s Blueberry coffee cake!  Thank You YMCA of South Boston / Halifax!!  I’ll be back on Friday!



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