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The Last Day

Today is my last day here in VA.  No running as my body and legs are tired from 5 days of straight running over hills.  I need a rest and it will actually be two days since tomorrow I’ll be on the stupid train all day.  As sad as it always makes me to leave, I look forward to going home.  As I sit here I’m thinking about the things I’ll miss most it occurs to me just how many things I’ll miss.  

  • Morning coffee.  Morning coffee is my favorite thing about VA as the first thing I do.  At home I get up and the day starts, shopping or work it doesn’t matter, I jump right in.  Here I sit and drink a cup of coffee which is best when enjoyed on the front porch when the weather cooperates.  I guess you love the things you can’t do daily which is why they call it vacation.  Morning coffee is what gets me out of bed before I miss it.  I’ve always been an early riser which I wouldn’t change for anything.  I love experiencing the morning quiet before the world gets up to call on me.
  • The train.  As much as  I hate it, there’s a little charm about the stupid train that passes by several times a night.  I’ll miss that in a weird sort of way.
  • My Family.  Leaving is always hard because I have to leave my family.  My distance and length of time between visits enhances the small changes in my family that although nominal to their everyday lives is huge to me since I don’t see them everyday.  My parents age and how they are slowing down.  That makes me sad because I’m far away and my sister gets all that responsibility on her shoulders on top of her own life.  That’s a lot to take on but I try to remember that they chose to come here and I don’t live here so it’s something we all just accept as the way it is because it is.
  • My sister. I miss my sister.  She isn’t physically well.  She has many health issues that are a result of decisions she’s made in her life that are just consequences of her decisions.  Everyone makes decisions that have consequences that we live with.  I worry about her every day and fear that she too will fall into illness and I’ll be too far away to help.  My choice to stay in MA.  She has a much harder life than I do and is so much better of a person than me in many ways.  We are very different and our distance magnifies our differences.  I miss her strength and how she is as sarcastic as I am.  She always makes me laugh and I admire the strength she has in making her life go and in taking care of my parents.  She is one of the bravest people I know and fears nothing on this planet.  She tackles things I would call my husband or a professional to do and never says “I can’t”.  I love her can do attitude and love it when I hear her talk about doing things that amaze me like they are nothing at all.
  • The air.  I will miss the wonderful fresh air here.  No smog, no pollution or exhaust smell from the highway.
  • The vastly expansive rolling hills.  Rolling green hills that go on for miles and miles are as peaceful and beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s what I see when I close my eyes and think about the next time I will be able to come here.

I will miss many things and those things are the things that always call to me the next time I book a seat on that train for the long ride down.  I have enjoyed my visit here and am thankful that I can afford to continue to come down to visit while my parents are still here.  I am a lucky woman in the best ways someone can be happy.



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