2017 · Bad Habits · brenna gimler · Discipline

Breaking A Bad Habit

I have this horrible habit when I run of looking down.  Now this is problematic for several reasons.  It could get me hit by a car.  Considering that I run with earbuds it could happen and that would in fact be bad.  This little bad habit causes me to miss a lot of the things people tell you not to miss in life like flowers and pretty sights along the run.  Although I don’t look down the whole run, I do struggle to maintain my line of sight straight ahead.  I actually started my running this way because I was fat and struggling to breathe.  I didn’t want to see how far I had to go so I would look down focused on the ground in an effort to not panic at how much more running I had to do.  It’s just how I learned it.  The less I looked up, the less I could see people giving me the “you’re fat go home” look.  The less I could see pity in the eyes of other runners and bikers who probably wondered to themselves why I was torturing myself.  Now, as a runner I would never EVER think that about anyone who is out there trying, no matter what they looked like because I was that person.  So I began by not meeting the eye of passing cars or people and I find it so hard to break that habit.  I have to force myself to stop looking down when I catch myself doing it, which is still a lot.  I’ve come a long way and I have so much to be proud of and I know it.  I feel good and have so much confidence now.  I feel strong and accomplished and I might even say a little bit bad ass!  It’s hard to run and I do it as many days as I can which is something many can’t do and some won’t do.  I’m so proud of myself and I shouldn’t be looking down because that’s a short sighted view that never changes compared to the wonderful view ahead of me each time I go for a run.  Like anything it’s just a matter of time to break that through repetition and consistency.  It’s a goal I have for myself for this year and I’ll certainly get it done because I have learned over the last 2,132 days like so many other life lessons and self evaluations that I’ve conducted and learned.

What are some bad habits you have while you run?



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