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Because I Can That’s Why!

So, all month this month I’ve watched my miles inch up closer and closer to 100.  Now, I’ve run 100 miles in a month before but it’s been a really long time since I’ve come within 25 miles of that.  life is busy and I haven’t been running as much as I have been diversifying my workout these days.  I do what I can on a regular basis to stay healthy.  My VA trip helped because I got a lot of miles in that week and in fact because of the way the calendar in one of my running apps works, I actually thought I was going to hit 100 about 10 days ago.  My bad for not paying attention but I’m glad I didn’t because it made me set the goal to reach 100 miles in April.  Even when I realized I was further away from it than I originally believed I still wanted it!  I wanted it bad and I pretty much reach the goals I want with very few exceptions.  I realized on the 24th that I was still more than 13 miles away from the 100 but I can do that in 6 days easily.  As we all know, life is busy and this time of the year I’m painting sets for the Raynwater Players spring production just about every night and weekend.  That takes away one end of my day which I was using for extra workouts.  I don’t like running more than 3 days or so without giving my legs a break and doing Tabata or using my bike.  Night by night my opportunity to hit 100 was dwindling.  I can’t forego Tabata because as I found out with a 2 week near void of Tabata, weakness creeps back in quickly.  On Friday after my 4 miles I was down to about 11 miles needed to achieve the goal.  I knew if I put up 6 both weekend days I could make it with ease.  Saturday 6 didn’t happen so I put up 3 which forced me to do 8 today.  Now I haven’t run anything over 5.5 in two weeks.  I hate jumping in and doing lots more miles than where my routine finds me at the moment.  I just feel like it’s begging for injury and I definitely don’t want to be injured because not running would be really bad for my psyche and well, my progress at staying as fit and trim as possible. Anyway, as Genie said I don’t like doing it:

But I set out today knowing I had to do it because I wanted the 100.  Off I went on a beautiful day running a pace that felt actually slower than it turned out to be.  I tried to just enjoy the day remembering that todays run was simply about putting up miles and not about speed.  My legs protested a teeny tiny bit in the beginning because they were tired from yesterdays up and down at my son’s car wash fundraiser but they didn’t complain long or hard.  They must have known that I wanted 100 badly and they carried me the whole way home finishing 8 to make just over 100 miles for the month.  Funny how something you’ve done before can be so rewarding when you want it so much.  So I did it!  I ran 100 miles this month and I am one happy camper!  I don’t know if I’ll have  goal for May or not.  I haven’t had a monthly goal like this one before but it was fun trying to achieve it so perhaps I’ll have a new monthly goal going forward.  Who knows.  You’ll just have to keep reading to find out what happens.  What goals have you set for yourself?  Tell me in the comments and please share this blog with friends.



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