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Is It Time To Switch Things Up?

Mother Nature had other plans for me this morning as I woke up to the sound of thunder in my ears and rain pelting my bedroom window.  I might have run in the rain but the roar of thunder quickly changed that plan.  Thank god I have my stationary bike as a backup plan to Ms. Nature’s run stumper.  Same amount time, same muscles worked, different workout outcome.  As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I would rather run than anything else in the world and probably would have to plead guilty to running too many days in a 7 day week.  It’s probably a good thing that I couldn’t run today for some reason that I’ll never discover or give much more thought to.  I believe in Karma and signs and that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe the rain saved me from being hit by a car or bit by a dog.  Who knows, who cares.  My bike is happy that I paid it a visit a few days earlier than planned and I got some Jack Reacher time in .. I do love me some Jack Reacher..Jason Bourne or my all time recent favorite Jack Ryan / Chris Pine!

Seriously, anyone who is serious about working out knows that switching up your routine is a key component to making progress toward your goals.  Initially you need routine consistency to get to the place where you know your body and what it’s capable of.  After that is established however, you need consistency AND muscle confusing variety to make forward progress.  Not doing so allows the body to adjust to the workout you are doing and it will eventually stop responding and treat the routine as normal exertion forcing you into one of a very few options:

  • switch it up again
  • accept your new plateau
  • quit

None of these are appealing to me at least which is why I  try to do something different every few weeks.  Experts recommend switching things up every 6-8 weeks for positive results.  If you find you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to step it up by switching it up.

  • You’re not sore
  • You don’t want it bad enough
  • Your heart rate is too low for a workout
  • You find that it’s suddenly “easier’ than it was before
  • You’re not engaged

I like the variety of doing different things in my weekly routine.  It keeps me engaged and interested in improving me.  Changing what you are doing ultimately allows you to keep moving toward your goal(s) whatever they may be.

What changes do you incorporate into your routine to help you stay focused?



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