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Lessons From A Dead Grasshopper

Today I ran 5 miles …5 miles on a Wed now that’s awesome, but I digress.  As I ran I saw a beautiful sunrise, some money on the ground, lots of people headed out to whatever their day may bring and other things I see all the time.  Toward the end of my run I ran past (actually over) a dead grasshopper and after being grossed out I thought to myself thank goodness that he was dead already and I wasn’t the one to kill him.  Then as my strange mind does I somehow transposed that to something else to ponder as I moved along. A running lesson if you will.   That poor dead animal made me think about goals and how there are goal crushers out there that want nothing more to do but to tell you that you can’t and to see you fail.  I thought that I was glad that poor grasshopper was dead because what if he was trying to cross the road to fulfill his life goal of living on the other side or crossing to reunite with his grasshopper family.  What if I crushed him and all his aspirations of fulfilling that goal like someone who quits running before they even get a chance to begin.  But then I thought about the fact that even if someone quits on a goal, we should not stomp all over those goals for what if that person wants to try again and doesn’t because you or I stompled what they wanted? What if it wasn’t a quitting moment but a pausing moment for them?  How would that feel to be the asshole of the year?  I personally wouldn’t want to be responsible for that kind of goal crushing even if it isn’t a current goal.  

The lesson here is that we should always encourage people to go for it and reach for their stars.  We don’t know what we’re truly capable of until we step out of our comfort zone and try.  Had that grasshopper actually started crossing when he was crushed?   What happens if someone crushes another’s goal just as they begin it? Worse yet, what if they quit because your big mouth splurted out negativities all over them discouraging their efforts making them believe they can’t.  How would you like to live with that?  I for one would not be that goal crusher because I was the person who was unsure of myself and so insecure when I began this journey that naysayers, had they attacked me, would have ended my journey before it began.  It would have ended poorly and quite sadly.  So I for one choose to be an encouraging force to everyone trying anything in their life because everyone needs a beacon of hope!  Be the reason someone keeps going because there’s just too much negativity in the world as it is.  You can do it!

What lessons have you learned while running?



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