Random Thoughts

A Letter To The Workout Thief

Dear workout thief,

I cannot stand it when someone screws up my workout routine!  Today for whatever reason compelled you to believe that my time is your time, you barged into my workout and decided that I should drop what I was doing to listen to something that you wanted to talk about.  It required my full attention despite your insistence that I could just keep working out.  Contrary to what you think you got, you only actually got my partial attention because after you kept talking about what you wanted from me, all I could think about was how pissed off I was that you barged in taking the only time I have for me.   I was in the zone, switching exercises up, working hard and totally into improving me.  Then in you came clearly not giving a crap about “my time” and proving that you believe what you want is more important than what I want or am doing.  The things you wanted to discuss can’t even happen for many hours!   I can’t actually pay attention to what you and your perceived emergency are and have concise well thought out input AND focus on my form and reps at the same time.  In fact I couldn’t get back to where you pulled me out of for the rest of my workout.  Here’s a clue for you: my time is my time and if you have something to discuss with me, you’ll just have to wait until another time.  I’m sorry you think it’s ok to walk in and take up my time but your current need to work through your day and night is not my problem RIGHT NOW! I’ll be happy to help you when I switch gears and am on your time or at least when I’m done with what I’m doing.  Don’t make me stop what I’m doing so you can throw up your emergency all over me just so you can feel like we had an actual in depth full on detailed communication.  What you got is half my attention while I thought about how rude you were and I certainly hope that you don’t have plans to throw out the ‘I told you that this morning” card and expect me not to go ballistic on you.  I’m sorry if your world is crazy right now but that doesn’t give you the right to mess up mine at this very moment in time.  Want to talk to me about whatever it is that you need?  Talk to me when I’m not actually in the middle of a workout and when I want to and can give you my full attention.

Thank You



As a side note, I put up 3 fast miles at lunch to shake out the nasty out of me and guess what…. I feel…



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