Random Thoughts

It Doesn’t Happen Very Often But…

I didn’t want to go for a run today.  GASP!

Nope, I just had no desire to run.  I rolled out of bed and just couldn’t find want to.  I  decided that it was a Brennaton (my home stationary bike) day with some Jason Bourne (YUM) instead. As long as I do something every day it doesn’t necessarily have to be running, I just prefer running most days.  I am so tired but it’s almost over.  You see, I paint the sets for my son’s theater group that runs out of his High School.  I’m usually the last to show up for work since most of what I do can be done at home for many weeks prior to the show.  Now that I’m there and we are a week away from the show, it’s now a nightly responsibility to rush around and try to get things painted and fixed up nice which keeps us at the school until nearly 11 pm.  Then we come home and I clean the kitchen so I don’t have to wake up to a mess and I get the family’s lunch ready for the next day. This allows me time to run or workout each morning.  So between the late nights, organizing every moment to re-prioritize tasks, keep 15 kids busy and chase them around to make sure they stay focused  (HA!), troubleshooting and being on my feet for 7 hours after an 8 hour work day I am exhausted.  My happy go lucky attitude is waning and I just didn’t care today to run.   I didn’t opt out on a workout however, I hopped on my Brennaton and did 30 minutes instead.  So it isn’t like I failed, I just didn’t do what I thought I’d be so happy to do but that’s OK.  I am still lapping all the lazy people working out finding their excuses not to work out!  LOL

On a side note, for those who read yesterdays diatribe, I did NOT have to do part of what the workout thief told me I would have to do.  No pneumatic nailer for me! We (my friend Beth- in the picture with me on the right) did get the lesson on how to operate it but we spent the night building tables for the show.  What do you think of them?




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