Random Thoughts

My Son Is Awesome!

Today my phone crapped out on me…stupid Apple iPhone!  It just won’t charge no matter where it’s plugged in.  This isn’t good.  It isn’t good because I need my phone to communicate with my family, I need my music to run, I need to have my food logging app …there are a million reasons why I “need” my phone.  Today I wasn’t sure I was going to get a run in because I was up at 5:30 making cupcakes for the kids in the show.  It’s tech weekend which means everyone spends all day sat and all day sun at the school making final tweaks to the show and for all of us backstage, we paint and build like maniacs to get everything done.  I always make cupcakes on the sunday of tech weekend as a reward for the kids.  I wasn’t sure I would get them done before I had to leave and with no phone it didn’t seem to make sense to attempt it.  Well as it turns out, I finished them 2 hrs before I had to be at the school so time wasn’t an issue….now what to do about the phone issue.  So I asked James if he would ride his bike with me just in case I ran into trouble.  The kid never blinked.  He said sure mom and put his shoes on so  I could do what I wanted / needed to do.  I only did 3 miles but it’s better than no miles and only made possible because I have a super great son who bikes while I run whenever I ask him to.  Whatever am I going to do when he leaves home too?  I will miss him a ton!  Till then, we run and ride side by side like an oddball pair.  His 6’3″ frame on a bike and my smaller 5’4″ pounding pavement.  It’s a good thing!



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