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8:53 Sure Makes It Seem Possible

I have wondered lately if it is possible for someone who runs a 9:30 average mile to run a sub 3:48:00 marathon.  I wonder because I got the “good luck with that” comment to my jest of “anything you can do, I can do better”.  I was of course poking around my husbands marathon time of 3 hours and 48 minutes.  Unfortunately as soon as he retorted what he did, I felt the Ukrainian in me flip him off.  That’s not a good sign because whenever that has happened in the past I have become obsessed with whatever the goal is and bar none, I have always hit whatever it is.  So would it be possible once my son is out of High School for me to actually get my 9:30 – 9:45 miles down low enough to beat that time?  Am I still young enough or slim enough to do it?  My mind thinks I could with great effort but will my body comply?  Will I need a coach (YES!) and will I be able to afford them?  Can I give it my all to get my mind, body and spirit aligned with my goal?  I’m afraid to set that goal because what if I set out to make it and what if I fail.  It will have to be a quiet little goal between me and you (BAM) which will remain unwritten at least for now, however, it’s out there and it’s stuck in my mind now.  Not going to get it out I don’t think.  Can I do it?

Well, perhaps is the answer.  You see, as much as I did not want to run yesterday, I wanted to today.  It might be my brand new awesome running outfit that I got yesterday and the fact that I wanted to try it out to see if the size was better.  Fact is that it was.  My new medium holds my junk all in place a little better and my legs feel great.  Part of my earnst to head out was how well I felt.  I was happy to have taken yesterday off because my legs and my entire body felt much better.  It was cold today so I layered up and out I went.  I didn’t put super effort into my stride and I wasn’t really sucking wind, just running along enjoying being out there a lot.  I ran my favorite route over the highways because I feel on top of the world standing over all the traffic.  I see the sunrise and the hills are a good challenge that I like to keep in my routine for when I want a challenge.  I got to 4 miles and thought that it would be great to get 5 miles in before work and just kept going.  I knew around mile 3 I was going faster but my chest didn’t burn as it does when I’m sucking wind from running too fast so I kept going.  When I got home I felt great and when I looked at my splits they were 9:32, 9:34, 9:21, 9:07, 8:53.  I realize this is just 5 miles and adding 20 more to that is an undertaking in itself but it looks like a good start.  Have you had an unfathomable goal that you have set out to achieve?  Did you hit it?



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