Random Thoughts

At 48

Today I turned 48 years old.  Funny I don’t feel 48, I hope I don’t look as old as it sounds although it isn’t as old as I’ll be in say 10 years.  Old is relative and truly a state of mind.  I like to believe that for 48 I’m in better shape than I was at 28 (true) and I know I feel better than I did then.  I eat better and overall things are good in my world.  My kids remembered my birthday and my daughter decorated and made me a cake.  There are cards waiting for me to open them later today and I had exactly what I wanted for breakfast following an average birthday run of 4 miles.  48 falls on the day after a crazy busy time for us of Raynwater shows, prom and an Eagle project that I’m happy is finally done.  So today I have nothing to do which is a wonderful feeling because the last time I had nothing to do, the leaves were changing color last Fall.  It’s been a while and really all I want to do is hang out with my family after a Tabata workout if I can get one in.  I think I hated 30 more than I hate 48 truly.  I feel accomplished at 48 and I feel healthy too.  As I ran this morning I was grateful for the ability to run even 1 mile.  I am grateful for the health that others don’t have and for the strength and fortitude to try and do the things that will keep me alive as long as the good Lord will allow.  So today I enjoyed my 4 mile run because it was full of gratitude for all that I have and am able to do.  I am truly a lucky lady!



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