Random Thoughts

My Two Cents

So I thought I would do a quick follow up on my new toys just incase you were wondering what I thought of them.  I LOVE THEM!  The resistance bands (really they are tubie things) are awesome.  I felt it the next day so we’ll keep them around.   The Jump Deck I like but have a few reservations about.  When you use that, your foot really needs to strike in the middle of the trampoline every time or you’ll lose your balance.  It’s hard for me to do that as I’m a little herky jerky all over the place jumper apparently.  It made me uncomfortable to do big moves or things like jumping jacks on it because the strike surface was small and I wasn’t confident about focusing on my form because I was focusing on not falling.  Maybe that’s practice so I’ll try out some of the other moves again to see if I can get better  and use it for more.  For yesterday I just did jumping and rotating hops over the top which seemed ok.  My legs were tired each time I stopped after 60 seconds of each rep.  I gave it 30 minutes Tabata style and then hopped on my stationary bike for another 30 minutes.  I like having options of things to do, my problem is that I want to do all of it every day!  So there you have it, my two cents on the Gold’s Gym Jump Deck and the resistance bands system.

I’ll let you know about the TRX system once it gets hooked up and I get to use it.  That uses your own body weight as resistance instead of weights so I’m excited to see how that works and how much I like it.  Stay tuned and until then…



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