Random Thoughts

I Hate That!

I love food!  If I haven’t mentioned it 72,000 times before, I do.  I workout and run so I don’t have food anxiety which is a life long affliction coming from a family of non fit ice cream eaters.  I wake up thinking about food and what I”m eating for the day.  These days that has more to do with the fact that I log my food every day to stay in line and not go all Rambo at the buffet somewhere. I eat MOST things but not all things which I consider average and when I decide I want something specific I pretty much plan my day around it.  This morning I decided I wanted my new favorite breakfast, pancakes and eggs.  With 2 eggs left before grocery shopping and one child due home who will be looking for food, I downgraded the P&E to just P.   That’s ok, more to eat later right! So I clean off the griddle, pour the last of the remaining pancake mix into a bowl and then it happens…. I put too much water into the mix (insert gasp here).  Shit!  Are you kidding me right now?   I am now relegated to oatmeal, which is fine but not what I wanted.  I would add more pancake mix but someone in this house left me just enough to make some 2 year old a pancake.  This irritates me because it’s the same person who wrapped the LEFTOVER pancake batter and put it in the fridge for later!  Had they not been a waster I would have more mix to fix my little mishap but NOOOOOOO!  I don’t so here I am sitting here begrudgingly eating oatmeal and whining.  Not cool!  I HATE it when you look forward to a certain food and then you can’t have it.  It’s so anti climactic at best.  Well, oatmeal is good so no use crying any more than these 324 words.  Moving on to Friday folds.



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