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Stretching Out The Kinks

I feel like a truck ran me over.  Yesterdays long run was 7 miles and it did have hills but none that I haven’t run over a hundred times since I’ve started running.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just a long run.  After long run however, I pulled weeds and gardened and mulched for 6.5 hours.  Yep that’s what did this to me.  I am stiff everywhere and my knees are pretty much flipping me off.  I can’t kneel much because it hurts so badly. I’m not cripple and  I don’t have arthritis I don’t think but being on my knees is super painful to me. Maybe I have extra nerves there or something, I’m not sure.  All I know is that when I have to kneel it hurts.  I gardened after my run yesterday which meant 6.5 hours on my knees. Thank God a lot of it could be in the grass and I actually did wear knee pads while I was on the tar along the driveway.  Up and down and pulling weeds and reluctant grass roots and hoofing bags of mulch all played a role in how I am feeling now.  When I was 20 I wouldn’t really be this achy but I’m 48 and my parts are just easier to tire out.  It’s good for me to feel tired, it means I worked hard and I like that.  So, today I creaked out of bed at 8 because we have the day off.  We went to the drive in last night and didn’t get home until 2 so I was tired after a day of big activity.  I contemplated not going out for a run but I got a nudge from my husband who probably knew I would be sorry if I didn’t run today.  He reminded me that the rain was coming and my opportunity to run if I wanted was a tiny little window RIGHT NOW.  What the hell, I’ll just do 3 I thought and then I’ll be happy and done for the day.  So I did and I’m glad I did because I did some extra stretching to wake up my sleepy body and stretch out all my aches that were trying to convince me that I should not go out there today.  I ran slower and I feel much looser now than before I left.  Running will do that for you, you just have to see the upside and the outcome over the obstacle that you have to get past.  Just another reason why I love running!



2 thoughts on “Stretching Out The Kinks

  1. I can’t count how many times I needed an extra nudge from my husband to get out and run. I’m always so thankful for it after I’m out on the road.


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