2017 · brenna gimler · Discipline

Working Out Is Like Hitting The Reset Button

Working out is good for you, by now I’m sure you know this.  It’s good for your mind and good for your body and soul and attitude too.  Yesterday’s run worked out some kinks that were squatting in my muscles making me feel tired and sore.  Today, I’m experiencing D.O.M.S or what is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  That’s the familiar 2 day post workout hell that you feel after an intense workout.  Today is 3 days for me but sometimes they last a little longer than a day or two.  Although I am less sore, my body is still achy and generally felt like it needed some time in the old taffy machine that used to be in the taffy store at Paragon Park.  I loved that store and watching the taffy puller knead what would end up in the wax paper wrappers to the right consistency.  That’s what I feel like I need today…A TAFFY PULLER!  One good thing to do when you feel that way (not so much if you’re tired per se because then it gets dangerous) is to do some weight training.  Yep that’s right, if you do some weight training when your muscles are still a little apathetic it will stretch them out and work out the cobwebs kind of like the nice stretch you do after a much needed nap.  I always feel better after a weight workout when I’m achy, today was no exception.  It’s days like this that require more mental fortitude than other days because it is SO easy to fall off the wagon setting you back several strides.  It set me up for some AB work tonight which otherwise wouldn’t be happening had I woosed out and said “not today”.  This life of fitness I’ve decided I’m into is not a sprint but a marathon.  It’s one day at a time and as long as I can do something every day, even on the sore days, and give it my best I’ll consider it successful.

If you have sore muscles, HERE is an article that discusses DOMS and some things you can do to feel better.

What do you do when you are tired and sore from working out?



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