Random Thoughts

5 AM

If you have ever seen the movie What Women Want then you’ve seen the part where Mel Gibson’s character pitches his firm’s AD proposal to the team from Nike for their commercial targeting Women runners.


 The attitude of the pitch and the words chosen to convey a feeling are exactly what I feel like when I am the first person on the road.  It’s serene and peaceful and it’s just me, my sneakers and the road not expecting anything from each other, just out there together breaking in the day with dawn on our shoulders.  There are no cars before 5 am and certainly no dogs, kids, lawn mowers, trash collectors, phones or anything that signifies the day.  The silence is deafening and my headphones ward it off when I bring them so I don’t feel discouraged or alone, like my own little cheerleader pushing me on through the task ahead willing me not to give up.  At 5 am I can think better and focus on my running and my form and my goals.  It’s a little stealth being out so early almost like I’m a Ninja sliding through the morning undetected by all who are sleeping.  Knowing I get done before 6 what some don’t get done at all is a good feeling that almost has addictive qualities to it. Something that you just keep looking for time and time again, pushing yourself to do more be better and try harder.  I love being addicted to being fit and learning what my body can do.  I love being the first one out on the road to experience the part of the morning that many don’t even see.  I love the fit me a tremendous amount and look forward to seeing what else I’m capable of and just how far I can push myself.  I love being the first one on the road and the feeling that engulfs me each and every day that I can experience it.


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