Random Thoughts

The Mother Run

I wasn’t going out for a run today.  I ran 3 last night and it wasn’t a super great run partly because I went out too soon after eating so I felt sluggish but also because my legs are feeling tired these days.  I woke up not feeling a run in my veins or the need to do Tabata or ride my bike.  It had all the workings of a full day off and given that it’s been just about 2 weeks since my last full day off.  So, ponytail up, I went out to make breakfast for everyone and that’s when it happened… outdoors started nagging me like a 3 year old child.  It was begging me to come out and play.  It beckoned me to put my running shoes on and to come see how wonderful it was outside.  The suns streams seemed to reach through my kitchen window trying to embrace me and take me by the hand.  Every time I looked out the window there it was staring at me with proverbially huge doe eyes mocking me.  No!  I’m not going.  No I’m not coming out today so just stop asking!  My legs are tired and I’m not feeling it.  Mocking it just stared back at me looking more brilliant each time I peered out the window.  NO!  I’m absolutely not going for a run today.   Stop asking me!  This went on for 30 minutes back and forth Please?  NO!  Please?  I said No!  over and over until I just couldn’t take it any more.  It’s going to rain later and I just couldn’t resist being out there in that sunshine today.  I finished my work and then instead of taking a shower and getting ready for work I hit the ground running and soaked up that beautiful morning sun to my skin and the chilly crisp air into my lungs for 3 wonderful but not great miles.  My legs are tired so tomorrow is an off day for running but I just couldn’t resist the badgering I was getting today so I caved in and gave it what I needed.  Sometimes you just have to get out there and run and that’s ok.



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