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Going Through The Motions

What a weird workout day.  I did some gardening, cleaned up my house but didn’t overdue it because I wanted to work out and still have some energy left in me to give it a good go.  That was not to be however.  If you’ve ever seen the Matrix when Neo realizes that he is truly “The one” and he’s fighting the bad guy, he has this look on his face like he’s zoned out barely making effort when in fact he’s moving entirely too fast for his own self.  I did my workout in a zoned out like status.  doing what I needed to, not as much as I wanted to and not as hard as I would have liked.  Now, it was strength training so there isn’t really much profuse sweating that goes on for me because I don’t use really heavy weights.  I do enough to work muscles but it isn’t strenuous.  Toning not building is my focus.  It was just so wierd not being into it and feeling so blase about it.  Tomorrow I have an 8 mile run to do so I didn’t argue with the me in my head that was pouty about not pushing harder.  I want my legs to make it without dying on me. I have to have a mediary point if I want to keep up my rigorous workout schedule and all these races I’ve signed up for.  Sometimes I think I’m crazy and sometimes I think I disregard my age.  I’m perfectly healthy but the fact of the matter is that I’m not 20 even though my mind thinks I am.  Today was just weird since I like working out so much it was weird not to feel all gung ho but every day can’t be all that … I hope tomorrow I feel happier about being out there.



2 thoughts on “Going Through The Motions

  1. I think it can be hard sometimes to take it easy on the easy days. Even if you were zoned out during your workout, taking it easy is definitely going to help reduce your chance of fatigue. Good luck with all of your upcoming races!


    1. That’s my biggest challenge my friend! I ran SUnday and tried so hard to be slow on purpose. I felt like I was going slow but the truth was told when I synch’d and saw 9:30 ish splits. That’s good I guess but frustrating when you’re trying to be slow.

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