Random Thoughts

Knowing Your Mile Markers

When you’ve been running for a while you begin to know how fast you’re going based on how hard you’re breathing.  You don’t need your devices to tell you because you can feel it.  You don’t need a running app to tell you how far you’ve gone because you’ve run so long that you know exactly where the mile markers are even if it’s a newer route based on how you feel in part.  My watch is cracked so I can’t touch the running option on the activity screen.  I need a new piece of glass and soon so I can use my watch like I want to again.  Until that’s fixed I have been using either Map my run or RunGo to get my splits.  On Friday I noticed that after a mile the RunGo was way off on the mile markers, like way off in the half mile range.  POOP!  So it happened again and I decided to use my watch’s interval option which is on the part of my watch that doesn’t run under the crack and still responds to my touch.  I have started running one mile intervals and stopping to log my splits properly.  I stop rather that pause because with RunGo there is no pause option.  The timer keeps going while you decide if you are going to stop or just keep running.  If you stop, the time stops at the point where you pressed the stop button.  If you choose to keep running, the app lets the time keep running which includes the time you stopped.  GRRRR.  OK, so I switched apps and put on Map My Run and wouldn’t you know it…it too was wonky after a perfectly timed mile.  I KNOW where my miles are and where it marked my 2nd mile was actually only 1.5 miles.  So frustrating but whatever.  I just stopped every mile to mark the time and made the best of it.  I am really grateful that I know where my markers are so I can mickey mouse my miles until I’m fixed.  Running problems, everyone has them.  It’s all in how you handle them.  I could have scrapped my run 2 miles in and halfed my scheduled run but instead I made due and actually enjoyed my run much more.



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