2017 · brenna gimler · Fitness Equipment · Gadgets

When Your Expensive Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Watch Cracks!

So for almost a week now, I’ve been running half-assed.  My watch is cracked with limited functionality and my phone too is cracked.  Both nearly on the same day. I’m not happy.  I’m even more unhappy because I have to finagle my watch apps so the run option is located down far enough on the list so it isn’t under a crack. When it was up higher close to the point of impact I couldn’t initiate it which led to me using my alternate resource running apps which I’m not so happy with anyway.  So I finally moved my run option down and I’m all proud of myself you know?  Today I decide to go for a run which as you know doesn’t take much since I’ve not run for 2 days and was getting anxious to get out there.  I pretty much tell my family to pound sand and make their own breakfast…I don’t like that but sometimes I have to do it.  I had a seminar to help run today so time was not on my side.  I had a hard arrival time that was not flexible.  So I’m in my driveway all stretched out and hit the run option which is now accessible and I get the right screen but notice a giant red X over the GPS display at the top.  DAMN!!  The GPS feature has been disabled due to the crack in the screen on my watch.  I am not happy but as I go along my 3 miles the mile markers seem ok until I get home and it shows 2.97.   EFF YOU!  I KNOW I ran 3 but whatever!  I guess I can live with that as long as I can see my splits…. about that!  Because the screen is cracked I cannot easily scroll up, actually not at all in fact, to get to where I can see the run and look at my splits.  That’s the final straw!  NOW I have to get a new one because replacing the screen isn’t easy or cheap and they don’t seem to sell a replacement screen like they do for my phone.  Grrrr that’s super annoying but that’s what happens when you whack your watch.  I’m so mad so I’ll have to keep track of it mile by mile until I get a new one.  Upon some research it seems many are having the same problem with their same model Garmin Vivoactive HR watch.  Unfortunate at best.



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