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Now I’ve Done It!

That right there proves that I am either very brave or super stupid!  That is the elevation profile for the VT 10 mile inaugural race I just signed up for with some friends that will take place in November.  Let’s just think about this for a moment shall we?  First, I have run hills before. The Lynchburg half marathon had a hill that had a 200 foot incline over the course of a mile.  That was super hard and probably harder than this one will be…..I digress.  This race that I am challenging myself to has a 600 ft incline gain over 4 of 10 miles.  Did I just write that?  Wait!  Go back and let’s say that slowly together shall we….

“h  a  s      a         6   0    0        f   o   o   t       g  a  i  n          o  v  e  r         4         m  i   l  e  s”

I have lost my mind but I’ll be suffering with my friends and away on a girls weekend so it will make for some great laughs in the ambulance ride home that night… I’m kidding!  It will be fun and how do I know if I can or can’t do it until I actually try to do it right??  RIGHT!  So here begins my super charged workouts for core core core and some serious hill work so I don’t die.  I’m actually kind of excited about the challenge.  I’ve been running for almost 6 years now and all my races have been “safe” ones.  I don’t usually take on scary race routes but maybe it’s time I do!  If I can do this then I’m definitely moving the Marine Corps Marathon from the “potential races to run if ever I’m brave enough or dumb enough to run a marathon” bucket to the “hell yeah this one is definitely a contender when the time comes” bucket!  I was more concerned with being able to run with friends than I was with the course, after all it’s an inaugural, how bad can it be.  Lesson learned.  Secondly, this race is in NOVEMBER.   November in VT that is.  It’s like the arctic compared to where I am even though I live in New England.  Vermont is a separate planet to me sort of like Wisconsin or Michigan.  In fact I just looked it up and the average HIGH in Stowe VT in the entire month of November is 33 degrees.  In 2015 it was a 57 / 46 hi low split but last year it was a 33 / 22 day.  I guess it’s a crap shoot on whether or not my tears will be freezing or not as I cry my way to mile 5!  LOL

Running has brought me friends who understand my passion, don’t criticize me when I do things that seem odd just to run and who support my new bad habit of obsessing over running gear.  Hanging out with these ladies is worth this mother effing hill!  It’s all good.  Besides I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can push myself to accomplish.  It might just be the thing that makes me braver and bolder and imagine what I’ll be able to do if I can do this without walking or stopping …actually imagine if I just finish!  Bring it on baby!  I’m ready to step it up….literally!










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