Random Thoughts

Summer Is Definitely Here!

Today I ran 9 miles.  Next week is my race so this is the last “training” run before I dive into continuance with long long runs to prep for my July half.  I was dragging my feet before I left but I’m not sure why.  I wanted to go, was ready to go but wasn’t in a rush to actually go.  I left just after 7 am to avoid  the heat of the day but that was not to be.  I picked a route that was almost as hilly as a 9 mile run around my town could get because I want to start preparing for the hills of VT in November.  The only way to do that is to start running them now and keep running them.   The hills were fine but the damn heat was opressive.  This is the first hot day that I’ve been out there and boy is my body hating me even now 3 hours post run.  I feel like I’m still cooking and I”m really tired.  I probably am just shy of being well hydrated.  I didn’t drink enough water yesterday so I don’t think today was destined to go well.  I made it to just over 1 mile and called one of my kids to drop off a powerade for me to grab when I went by my neighborhood.  I knew early that it was going to be challenging and I should have taken water with me in the first place.  I felt ok after I had hydrated but the heat was really bothersome.  I stopped every mile to drink and had to do some serious ass kicking to stay motivated to keep going.  I wanted to quit in the worst way but I’m not wired to quit so stops on the mile and staying in as much shade as I could was the name of the game.  The further I went, the harder it was and the more tired my legs got.  My eyes were swelling a bit but onward  I pressed.  I can imagine what I looked like to the drivers passing me, standing there huffing and puffing looking pathetic and tired.   It couldn’t have been too bad because no one stopped to see if I needed help.  Mile 5 was the hardest on me but was faster than mile 1 but mile 1 was straight up a huge hill so that makes sense.  When I was done I was really happy to be done.  Some runs are just better than others.  Well, Summer is here and I have too many races lined up to complain about it so we’ll just move on.  I’m happy to be in my AC house right now writing this.  Every run makes you better whether it’s good or not.



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