Random Thoughts

The Best Compliment Ever!

I saw a family member recently whom I haven’t seen in a really long time.  Life and responsibilities can be tremendous separators at times.  A guilt I have become accustomed to with family in VA and others that I just don’t get to see often.  I’m ok with it because it’s rather one sided anyway but that’s not for this blog.  So we were visiting and talking about health and how she is facing some challenges due to a diagnosis with what most likely will be a lifelong but not fatal issue.  It will be problematic for sure  and to some degree debilitating but not end of life stuff.  She had asked me if I would be willing to work out with her to keep her motivated and accountable for consistency.  I feel like she needs a coach of sorts which is ok with me as long as she’s motivated.  I’m not babysitting or chasing anyone and I really hope her conveyed intentions are genuine because excuse city and whining are not something I deal with.   I hate both.  I’m willing to give it a go with an open understanding between us. She understanding that I will demand all she can tolerate and give me, no excuses and focus.  I understanding that she is limited at times to what she will be able to tolerate and how much effort she will be able to put in.  As long as those two things are understood I think we should be good.  So we were talking about how I workout all the time and some differences between her mother and myself and my daughter pipes in and says “Mom, your aging has gone backwards.”  Instant ear to ear grin knowing that what I’m doing and how hard I’m working must be working. When your kids tell you that you look good you know they are proud of you and that is the best compliment I could ever get!  It made me feel really good and now of course I’m super motivated to keep going, keep trying and keep hustling to be the best and healthiest me that I can be.  When someone comes to you to ask you for help it’s a compliment to what you are doing.  They are proud of you and want in some way to replicate for themselves what you are doing for yourself.  When someone asks your opinion on health, fitness, workouts schedules and equipment or makes comments on your social media posts about what you are doing it’s a compliment.  It means people believe in you and admire you for your determination.  It’s like getting a gold star on your paper from the teacher that you brought home to show mom.  When that happens it’s a level of achievement that goes beyond a habit.  It’s deeper and more meaningful because other people now believe in and want what you have.  Keep going and sharing your knowledge and offering your help to everyone if you can.  People believe what they see and what they hear that is proven by what they see.  Proof in the pudding so to speak.  Keep going, you’re doing something great!  Pass it on!



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