Random Thoughts

Putting myself on Ibuprofen & The Watch List

I am not sure if so much running is taking it’s toll or if I’m just old or both or what but my leg, the right one specifically, seems to be complaining a lot after long runs these days.  Not only that but I can feel my legs swelling during and after long runs.  They are tight and achy which paired with the pain from my bunion that runs up the top of my foot makes it uncomfortable from my outside hip to my toes.  Now, I’m not complaining because it isn’t debilitating but there is or was a sharp sticking pain like a needle that I was dealing with especially when I put pressure on my right knee, most pronounced during trips up and down stairs.  After yesterdays race my legs were definitely filled a bit with fluid.  They needed the rest I gave them for the remainder of the day.  For the first time in my life I actually took Ibuprofen without needing it for a headache or some big pain.  I took it merely in the hopes that it would do what it is supposed to do and reduce swelling and ultimately pain or discomfort due to both.  Well, I can tell you today, my knee and legs feel great.  No pain, no swelling or discomfort and I’m not sure if that’s the IBU’s or putting my feet up for hours or maybe both.  I won’t hesitate to pop a couple of them after long runs going forward.  I wish I knew why, all of a sudden after 6 years of running, my legs are swelling post (mostly) long run but it’s something I’ll have to watch.  Maybe it’s age.  I’m still eating well and drinking plenty but I’m working out a ton more and differently than before and running many more miles than I have in the past.  So I’m putting myself on the watch list for now.  I have several races that I’m signed up for so I need to keep and eye out for signs of trouble and mindful to go at a respectable pace to be able to get it done and do so safely.



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